Ode to the Hog

Thank you, Dad, for instilling me with strong values. Without you I may not have understood that consuming an entire pound of bacon in one sitting is at times necessary, or that salami, in all its finest (or cheapest) incarnations, is really best eaten directly from the package standing up.

Last night marked my third night in a row feasting on pork. It began at Salumi, a downtown Seattle eatery and cured pork producer, when I first went to find out why their salamis and proscuittos are so popular. I did find out.

The owner seems to be doing for salami what many American artisanal cheese producers (the Bay Area’s Cowgirl Creamery comes to mind) are doing for American cheese: he’s creating a domestic product in a niche where great products previously only came from abroad. He’s rooted in tradition, with an eye for creativity. He makes salami in small batches, so each slice has a hearty texture, rather than the super smooth, super boring texture common to most deli salami. But it’s not just the traditional flavors–try the mole salami, made with, yes, chocolate. And the lamb proscuitto is heavenly.

I ended up back at Salumi the next night, and Salumi catered part of a dinner on the third night. Never in my life have I eaten so much pork in 72 hours. I hope it happens again soon.

Eat some: http://www.salumicuredmeats.com


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