Midori is for drinks

I’m all for innovation. Though I don’t use them myself, I do see the allure of various foams and airs. When married to tradition, innovation drives culinary progress, which some chefs thrive on these days.

Where, then, does an entree of mahi mahi with midori glaze fit in? Yes, Midori as in the Jolly Rancher-green liqueur. As in bad experiences at British night clubs in college.

Tonight, I found the mahi mahi on the specials menu at PegLeg somethingorother, the restaurant on the tip of Nanny Cay. My husband, who had the unfortunate experience of ordering it, ended up with a slab of fish with a pesto-looking glaze. It was sweety, syrupy, and altogether a waste of an otherwise nice piece of fish.

Innovation, continue. But be careful.


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