Aboard the Willy T.

The William Thornton is a floating bar in the Norman Island Bight. It’s a big black steel boat, not exactly ocean-worthy or sailable but definitely bombproof. You drive your dinghy up to the dock, walk on board, and all is excused. Hankering for a high jump into the ocean? No problem, just jump off the second level. Need an outlet for all that 80’s fashion you’ve been hiding in your NYC closet since college? Bring your Vuarnets, short shorts, fanny packs, and aquasocks on board. Just looking to get off the boat and have a drink? They’ll excuse that vice, too. Be sure to order cold beer; the drinks are not stellar.

After our trip to the Willy T., we dined at Pirate’s, just across the Bight. If you go, be sure to ask for the house shot, made with homemade sugar cane rum infused with Bomba’s famous magical mushrooms from Tortola. Served in little plastic cups, the shots tasted like a cross between rum and cheap scotch. There was no obvious trace of shrooms, either in flavor or in the resulting intoxication, unless you count the women who were letting the bartender rub temporary tattoos on their nipples. Oh, I do love what people will do on vacation.


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