The Battle of Midway

(A continuation of an entry from March 3rd, 2006)

“So much has changed at Midway,” volunteered the woman sitting beside me as my flight from Seattle to Chicago landed. I pretended I’d known I wasn’t headed to O’Hare, and listened graciously as she prattled on about the changes. “They didn’t used to have concourses or food or anything,” she remembered, as if mourning the dead. I nodded gravely and imagined people camping out on the tarmac before flights, little towns of umbrellas right next to the airplanes.

Though the offerings at Midway aren’t mind-blowing (most of the food is in a central mall-like eating area, but nicer than most), there are some unique dining options. You can grab a hot dog at Gold Coast Dogs, or gyros at Pegasus, a Greek joint that offers surprisingly spot-on avgolemono–the soup is thick with rice and something like the color of egg yolk, appropriately lemony, and with a enough chicken to make you feel like you’re doing something good for your body between flights. Next time, I’ll try the Mediterraneo sandwich, with roasted leg of lamb, mint, and goat cheese.

Also at Midway: Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, Lalo’s Mexican food, King Wah Chinese food, Reilly’s Daughter Irish Pub, and Luigi Stefani Pizzeria.


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