You had me at crab

We knew going into this wedding this weekend that Maryland crab cakes would be on the menu. At the rehearsal dinner, a friend of the groom perked up when he heard the news. “What did you say?” he asked, jumping from another conversation into ours. “You had me at crab.” Indeed.

Now, I’m no crab cake aficionado, but I’ve had a few. Never like this. After the wedding ceremony, we found the crab cake nestled on our dinner plate next to a small beef tenderloin, formed into a similar shape, about 3” round and 1 1/2” high. Inside, it was crab heaven – juicy, flaky strands of tender, fresh crab, seasoned with Old Bay (the Maryland way) and its own briny ocean flavor. There may have been a few breadcrumbs in there as a binder, but I didn’t notice. It was as crab-centric as a crab cake could be without the shell still on. The long, spindly strands of crabmeat were still intact, yet entirely unchewy.

Maryland, thank you. I have a new standard.


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