The Latke Secret (Glug, Glug)

I stirred up some applesauce today with the McIntosh apples my mom brought from her tree in Boise, ID. A neighbor came over and was instantly inspired to make potato latkes, which make that whole pork-chops-and-applesauce pairing thing look like a joke. Applesauce was really meant as a mixer for latkes, in the same way cranberry juice dresses up a cosmopolitan–-all you really want and need is the latke grease, but somehow applesauce make latkes seem so much more wholesome and digestible.

The latkes got better with each batch. The neighbor finally revealed his Secret Tip, which comes with a matching oil dance. Here’s the secret: never try to fry latkes in too thin a layer of oil. You hold the oil bottle upside down over the pan, and shake it by the cupful into the pan. Say it with us: You can’t (glug) have (glug) too (glug) much (glug) OIL (GLUG).


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