What makes garlic blue?

At last, our moving truck arrived (ahhhem, four weeks late) and we have a kitchen. Our inaugural meal last night (which should have been crepes, in my family’s tradition, but the timing was all wrong) was a plump roasted chicken, stuffed with lemon thyme and garlic, served up hot and juicy with fresh chanterelle gravy and roasted Brussels sprouts and baby new potatoes. Delicious.

This morning, I broke out the stockpot and began excavating the chicken carcass. Lo and behold, deep in the chicken’s cavity I found the clump of crushed garlic cloves I’d put in, and they were blue. Not a light shade of blue either, but a hue that made me wonder if I’d accidentally stuffed part of my chicken with blueberries.

Food chemists? What makes garlic blue?

12/7/06: An answer from Harold McGee in the New York Times yesterday! It’s the chemical reaction between garlic and onions (I did put an onion in . . .).



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2 responses to “What makes garlic blue?

  1. Spike

    What can I do to keep it from turning blue

  2. Don’t cook it with onions!

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