The fridge ate my food

So I’m in the middle of making a batch of brownies to put a comforting, homey end to a rather blah rainy day, and I’m hit with the inspiration to use some leftover caramel sauce and make turtle brownies. I hunt and hunt in the fridge: no caramel. I have a glass of water, turn on the radio, and hunt some more, moving things around in different directions in the hopes that maybe I just wasn’t looking hard enough the first time: still no caramel. Just two jars of homemade applesauce . . .and if I do the math, I started with four jars of applesauce, gave one to my neighbor, ate one, and gave one to a friend . . .make that, gave a friend some “applesauce” in the form of caramel.

But then it turned out that I hadn’t given anything to the friend, which made me feel both foolish and rude.

Has anyone seen my caramel?

In the end, I just stirred in some walnuts.


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