My First Halloween

I think it’s been more than fifteen years since I last trick-or-treated, which means that I’ve spent more time out of a costume than in one on All Hallows Eve. But somehow I’ve managed to hibernate in dorms, city apartments, and geriatric neighborhoods on Cape Cod long enough to escape the trick-or-treating tradition thus far.

Though I hadn’t decorated my local telephone pole or my bushes, I thought we were pretty decked out – six huge carved pumpkins, and a porch light to prove we were devoted to the candy cause. A few hours before the kiddies came, I was overtaken by a sweets craving that I hadn’t anticipated. All of the sudden, I got this huge surge of power knowing that I could, in fact, finally have any of the five types of candy I’d purchased, and could really eat myself sick if I felt that was the best choice. I didn’t get sick, but I had more than my share, without having to barter for my favorites or hide the stash from my siblings. So THIS is Halloween for adults.


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