$6-a-minute parking at the new Whole Foods

I traipsed into downtown Seattle’s giant new Whole Foods Market this afternoon to get a load of what I knew I’d see: the same WF I’ve become addicted to, for better or for worse, kicked up a notch by more local produce and cheese, enough pre-made dinner options to feed me something different every night for a year, a complete Japanese/Korean fast food bar with (okay) sushi, noodles, and rice bowls, and a pick-your-own-fish grill and fry bar right next to the fish counter.

Since I’ve been working hard over the past few years to overcome the urge to buy everything in sight when I enter any Whole Paycheck, I was pretty proud of myself for only walking out with a bag of produce (on sale!) and a barette.

However, I was NOT prepared to be robbed by the automatic parking stub machine after parking in their parking garage. The downtown Whole Foods experience comes with 90 minutes of free parking (if validated, how thoughtful of them) but NOT, as it turns out, 91 minutes. After going the wrong way to get out, my exit was delayed by perhaps a portion of a minute while a frantic be-neoned flagger tried to point me in the right direction, and I actually saw the clock on the exit toll booth turn from 7:02 to 7:03, resulting in a $6 charge for one minute of extra parking.

I hate Whole Foods.


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One response to “$6-a-minute parking at the new Whole Foods

  1. beth

    YES! good for you for calliing WHole Foods on their obnoxious $6 charge for overstaying by one minute. I am sure they have some fancy corporate- sounding defense of how this had to be done and that it is to protect all of us from people who abuse the free parking blah blah blah. But they deserve to have people hear about it and you deserve something (anything!) from WF to restore that homey good feeling one is to have after spending a lot of time and money there.

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