My Very Own Doughboy

Growing up, I remember hopping into the car with my dad to go to the grocery store because he, oh yes he of Pinwheels and Oreos and Other Evil Food that Mom Won’t Buy, would let us get those almost-instant Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. You know the type—they come in a can that pops when you open it (and always scared me, no matter how ready I thought I was). The best kind came with orange frosting.

I remember hovering over the oven with my brother as they cooked for 10 to 12 minutes, calculating how 8 rolls could be split fairly between us and my parents (my sister, who had yet to grow teeth or a vocabulary for arguing, was clearly out of the running). I think it went like this: three for me, three for my brother, one for each of mom and dad, with dad usually getting two before mom had a chance to come home from whatever errand had allowed us to made Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for breakfast in the first place.

Anyway. When I saw a recipe for Cardamom Rolls in November’s Sunset Magazine, the picture threw me back to the days when the Doughboy stalked me from the refrigerator aisle, and I had to make them. They were every bit as delicious, with the added flavor of real homemade goodness. (And no preservatives, to boot.) I substituted 1 1/2 cups of whole wheat flour for some of the white flour, and added the zest of two tangerines to the glaze to mimic my old Pillsbury favorite.

Like having my very own Doughboy, right in my kitchen.


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