How Lowe can you go?

Note to the general public: be careful about buying an oven from Lowe’s. We looked for ages for THE Amana oven, the only one, that fits our current space, and found it there a few weeks ago. Today Lowe’s first called to arrange a delivery time, then called to tell us they couldn’t sell us the oven at all because it was a floor model (but we, um, already paid for it, remember?), then called a third time to tell us that they could in fact sell it to us, but that because it was a floor model we’d have to come pick it up ourselves, even though we have a receipt guaranteeing the delivery we already paid for. WTF? To be continued. . .


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  1. your mother

    This a riot. But why does it say “no” comments where I clicked to comment?
    do you take notes at these restaurants? I didn’t see you take any at Olivers. I can’t even remember all that without the wine.

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