Recipe: Udon Vegetable “Pho” with Cashew-Chili Paste

Chicken noodle soup is great and all, but I’m most excited by the panoply of broth-based soups that most Asian cuisines offer. There’s Vietnamese pho, with its fragrant broth and all those bean sprouts and licorice-scented basil leaves you get to pile in yourself, Thai soups like Tom Kha with plenty of ginger and coconut milk, and the whole family of Japanese ramens . . .here’s my “mixed-race” version (if I may say that without being attacked), made with Japanese udon noodles, a gingery cashew-chili paste, and all the fun pho fixins you could want. Of course, you can also use rice or soba noodles, and add thin chicken or beef slices, if you prefer.

Recipe: Udon Vegetable “Pho” with Cashew-Chili Paste


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One response to “Recipe: Udon Vegetable “Pho” with Cashew-Chili Paste

  1. Tamara

    I just wanted to tell you that I found this recipe via google and made it last night. Amazing! The cashew chili paste in particular is sooooo delicious!

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