Test Week

Here it is, folks: a test week. It’s months after I thought I’d write something like this up for mumzie for Mother’s Day this year, but better late than never, huh mom? A very, merry, un-Mother’s Day to you.

DAY 1: Roasted Salade Niçoise with Caper Vinaigrette
DAY 2: Udon Vegetable “Pho” with Cashew-Chili Paste
DAY 3: Pan-Seared Pork Chops with Fig & Grainy Mustard Sauce
DAY 4: Sour Meyer Lemon Chicken Stir-Fry
DAY 5: Fusilli with Hearty Meat Sauce
DAY 6/Make-Ahead/Lunches: Wintry Beef Stew with Rosemary & Red Wine


Click here for a test week of ShopCookEat (pdf format).


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One response to “Test Week

  1. Kara

    Brian and I tried your sample shop/cook/eat week, and we love, love, loved it. A few thoughts…I feel like I usually buy a lot of produce when I go to the store, but after shopping with your super easy grocery list, I realized that I definitely don’t buy a lot of produce at the store. Thanks for opening my eyes. I’ve eaten more great greens in the past week than I have in years. I also found myself really looking forward to coming home after work every day and cooking. And while I know most of these recipes were probably simple compared to your usual stuff, I still found it so relaxing and fun. And the best part of all? It made brian and I sit down and eat dinner together every night. We’re usually pretty good about this in general, but knowing there would be great home-cooked food on the table every evening made it that much easier. So thanks for really brightening up our week. And if you feel inclined to make up week number two, count me in.

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