At Home on my Range

On October 24th, I filed a complaint against my drop-in gas cooktop and matching wall oven (see “Not yet at home on my range”). I know you’ve been dying for an update.

We did get a new oven (virtually identical to the old, minus the wild temperature swings and occasional flying sparks), but decided against a new cooktop.

Here’s what the control knobs looked like before, when high flames were hitting the bottoms of my larger saucepans and licking up and over the temperature control pad:

Old knobs with boiled plastic

Yeah, oops. But then my in-house technician rigged up a great system–he put aluminum (siding? not sure what the right term for it is, but he bought it at the hardware store and cut it up with a hacksaw) around the edge of the control pad, so the flames are deflected straight UP, rather than onto the knobs:

New knob system

Nifty, huh? Unfortunately, this still doesn’t allow me to put hot things directly on top of the knobs (which will inevitably be a problem again), but it’s a much better solution than I’d have come up with myself (i.e. buying a bushel of new knobs and replacing one every time I burned them, which would have meant weekly).


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