It’s some sticks in a box.

A huge box landed on our porch yesterday afternoon. I tore into it with the excitement I save for anything from the US Postal Service. My dog got off the couch to investigate and started chewing on the box scraps as I threw them on the floor. Layers and layers later, I pulled out the tiny bag of lollipop sticks I ordered weeks ago from Candyland Crafts. I’d forgotten all about them. Bromley looked at me with disappointment, as if to say, “It’s some sticks in a box, Mom. Why did you wake me up?”

Taking a cue from Coco La Ti Da’s savory lollipop trio (I think I like my variation better), I stuffed pitted dates with Great Hill Bleu, twirled them up in thin strips of proscuitto (it’s a blind date!), and baked them for about 10 minutes at 400 degrees. I lollipopped them, and lined them up on a platter on a pool of balsamic-honey glaze, which I made by simmering two parts baslamic vinegar to one part honey until it was good and sticky. Delish.

Lucky you, I’m becoming technologically advanced:

Blind dates!


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One response to “It’s some sticks in a box.

  1. Brian Deese

    Sticks in a box?? What’s step three…

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