My Pac-10

A few months ago, Real Simple magazine published a list of the ten ingredients that are best for us, or at least very, very good for us. I posted it on my refrigerator in an attempt to remind myself daily what I should be buying and eating, and for the most part, it’s worked. Besides, the editors listed chocolate and green tea (both of which I love) as runners-up, and I love a good excuse as much as the next person.

The top ten (in no particular order):
1. Spinach
2. Avocados
3. Tomatoes
4. Black beans
5. Sweet potatoes
6. Pomegranates
7. Ground flax
8. Yogurt
9. Walnuts
10. Salmon

(Can anyone tell me which issue this was in?)

The trouble is, I have a hard time escaping the tooth sweater problem that spinach poses—you know, that fuzzy mineral feeling you get on your teeth after eating raw spinach? I hate that. But avocado helps, I think.

Here’s a spinach salad with a tasty Asian-inspired vinaigrette that I consider very virtuous, meaning it has at least 3 of my ingredient Pac-10. If you really want to kiss up to the food gods, serve it with pieces of seared salmon. Someday, I’ll have a conference of champions at my dinner table, with all 10 ingredients playing.

Recipe for Very Virtuous Spinach Salad


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