A cheesecake or two hot dogs

I forget all too often how lucky I am–to live, to eat, to sleep in a warm place . . . Yesterday in downtown Seattle, a really dirty, smelly guy asked me for money to buy a hot dog. I kept walking, as we all have, as we all will. Then I spent $3.50 on an individual cheesecake, which probably would have bought him two hot dogs. As a privileged citizen, I think it’s hard to know how to best help those that are less fortunate – and harder still to deal with my own guilt and shame when I’ve made what I know is the wrong choice. And it’s also a little embarrassing that I’m close to 30 and haven’t figured out a long-term, meaningful way to really give back to any of the communities I’ve lived in.

Here’s one cookbook author’s approach to the issue, which is worth a read.


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