Naughty Breakfast

I just made eggs veracruz for breakfast. Huevos rancheros, really, except instead of using salsa, I made a riff on the veracruz sauce I love serving with fresh-caught fish in the summer. Here’s how our breakfast table conversation went, when we split this recipe between the two of us:

HIM: Is this Veracruz?
ME: Yes.
HIM: Naughty breakfast.
ME: Naughty? What makes it naughty?
HIM: Nothing.

Moment of silence.

HIM: Well actually, it really is sort of naughty. Eating 1,000 calories before you leave the house in the morning is naughty.

I’m so glad he’s here to help.

Huevos Veracruz

Recipe for Huevos Veracruz


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