Two Good Things

I was the kid who ordered plain cheeseburgers. And no, taking the regular cheeseburger that Burger King forgot to kiddify and scraping off the offending ingredients did not count as a plain cheeseburger, because I could tell, so despite the fact that we didn’t eat fast food all that often, my parents spent much of my childhood waiting behind the ropes at one place or another, refusing burger after burger until an edible specimen came through the heat lamps. And all this pickiness was before Eloise taught me how to be demanding. Imagine if there had been a BK in The Plaza. Quel horreur.

Here are two things I used to hate: anchovies and capers. Here are two things many people still hate: anchovies and capers. Both are really strong flavors, which in my book means they’re good. (Dad, I can hear you from here.)

Here’s a quick, simple chicken dish: you pan-sear the chicken, then make a quick sauce rich with garlic and anchovies and spiked with capery goodness. If you want a thicker sauce (it’s more of a topping, really), use cream instead of milk, and when the sauce is done, let the bubbles subside and stir in a cube of butter (and/or a little Dijon, if you want).

For some reason, the whole recipe came out in twos. Or fours, if you want to double it.

Chicken of Twos for Two (with Capers, Anchovies, and Garlic)

Recipe for Chicken of Twos for Two


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