Getting rid of the holidays

Panettone looks so gorgeous in the grocery store. Studded with dried fruits and wrapped like a gift from the bread gods, I lust after it when it hits the shelves every holiday season. But for some reason, until now, I’d never actually tasted it. This year I received two as gifts—and guess what? You can have too much of a good thing. It lasts forever wrapped, but once you open it, it dries out really quickly. Here’s the ultimate way to use a whole loaf at once, and also take advantage of that panini maker, if you don’t use yours enough. I wonder what they’d think of it in Milan.


I still have a whole loaf left, if you want it. It’s wrapped and everything–comngitit! On second thought, I just read the packaging; it was made in Argentina. Hmm. Not sure how I feel about that.

Anyway, the panini press was a fabulous way to make French toast.

French toast in a panini press

Recipe for Panettone French Toast


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