The Little Red Men

Remember The Little Red Hen? Yes, well, luckily, our parents were wrong; there are times in life when we can do what we please and let others do all the work and still reap the rewards of their toils. Consider the tomato.

In late summer, when we frolic in the mountains and perhaps tend to our six little tomato plants, little red men – and by that I mean no particular ethnic stereotype, just that these men are not visible in the course of my daily summer life, so I assume they must be red given their livelihoods – are picking and peeling and canning gorgous roma tomatoes in their prime, so that I can enjoy them all winter. Sure, I have to pay for them, but they’re not much.

Today I made a big batch of tomato soup for a soup swap I was invited to this weekend. Tuesday is National Soup Swap Day, in case you hadn’t heard. Since I got the Evite for my swap, everything soup has been crossing my path. I even saw an ad for some sort of theatrical production or band performance (or something) named “Soup” posted on the wall at the video store. Then, in smaller letters near the bottom, it said “No cover.” Ha! I bet the author of that ad had no idea how funny I’d find it.

Anyway, thank you to the little red men, who make this lovely winter tomato soup possible. I added just a whiff of canned adobo sauce, from a can of chipotles en adobo, for a bit of smoky flavor that makes this soup the ideal partner for a good cheese quesadilla. And don’t forget the sour cream–or creme fraiche, if you have it.

If you’re lucky enough to own that fabulous toy called an immersion blender (I don’t), this would be a great application.

Smoky Winter Tomato Soup - Cooling

Recipe for Smoky Winter Tomato Soup



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4 responses to “The Little Red Men

  1. Lucia

    Jess – Your soup looks delicious. And, I really like that you included instructions for freezing. If I don’t end up with a quart of it, I’ll be making my own batch.

  2. I’m thrilled to have come home with a quart of this soup–I’ll let you know what I think after I’ve had some for lunch this week! Great to meet you as well.

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