The Co-Op Speaks!

One of my readers got caught eating the lemon cookies I was talking about at the Boise Co-Op, and struck up a conversation with the right person. I got the recipe. She Who Must Not Be Named emailed it to me on the condition of secrecy. I also promised her a digit from my chopping hand, but I may go back on my word (about chopping a finger off, I mean, not about keeping the secret – I think keeping recipes secret is silly, but when someone asks you to do it, you have to, unless someone’s being abused as a result your secrecy, which in this case is highly unlikely). Plus, I love all my fingers equally and could never pick one.

I can’t wait to try them! The cookies, not my fingers.



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3 responses to “The Co-Op Speaks!

  1. Hilary

    Have I told you lately how much I love you and how much I love lemon cookies?

  2. Govai

    Do you think you could get the recipe for the cream cheese veggie spread the Co-op uses on its veggie sandwhiches? I absolutley love it!

  3. Oh, Govai – I don’t think I have the right to ask for more than one thing! And in any case, as much as I think secret-keeping is silly, I wouldn’t share a recipe someone asked me not to… BUT try whipping a half pound of cream cheese in the kitchen aid for a few minutes, then add in finely shredded carrots, scallions, red bell pepper, and a bit of garlic – always a good version!

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