A taste of summer

Eagle Soars on Blue Sky

Yesterday, when Seattle stuck its tongue out at its own rainy reputation and kicked my car’s thermostat to a gorgeous 71 degrees, I was lucky enough to have scheduled a meeting at Taste, the new cafe at the Olympic Sculpture Park downtown.

Somehow, I fell prey to the tricks of advertising and believed that Taste was an actual restaurant, so I was surprised when I walked in to find that it’s really a cafeteria, complete with roped line. But the food is better than most cafeterias – a lot like Kathy Casey‘s food at Dish D’Lish, if you ask me, just with less pomp and circumstance.

Taste Cafe (which doesn’t seem to have a website of its own, or at least one I can find easily(although here‘s a piece from the P-I)) is certainly pandering to local palates. They’ve sourced a lot of their food locally, and aren’t afraid to brag about it. This is a good thing.

I had a Grown Up’s Grilled Cheese (or something like that), made with deeply flavored cheddar and sandwiched on a panini press. But with sweet apples and caramelized onions, it might have been more aptly named Grilled Cheese for Grown-Ups with a Kid-Sized Sweet Tooth. My little side salad, which came festively packaged in a Chinese take-out carton, featured perfectly-dressed fresh (and presumably local) greens with just the right amount of real (crunchable) sea salt.

But oh, how I lament having forgotten to climb into one of the huge geodesic dome-like swings obviously put in the cafeteria to entertain littler people than me. Next time.

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