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A Montage: Grilled Ciabatta Caramel S’mores

As promised: a pictoral s’mores recipe from our cookout, for those who (like me) get a little tired of the way the graham cracker always crumbles.

First, a few things you’ll need:

-good bread (we used Essential‘s ciabatta)
good chocolate
-cheap-as-they-come marshmallows
-little caramel squares
-bamboo skewers
-grill over a hot fire
-peanut butter (optional addition)

Guidelines for Grilled Ciabatta Caramel S’mores
Recipe 75 of 365

STEP 1: To avoid personal injury, cut bread while it’s still light outside, while the fire gets going.

Slicing ciabatta for s'mores

STEP 2: Get impatient while waiting for fire to reach appropriate temperature. Light marshmallows on fire for fun. Consume carbonized marshmallows.

A little early for marshmallows

STEP 3: Roast the perfect marshmallow. Arrange on one slice of bread.


STEP 4: Spear caramel square and melt until bubbly over the fire. Smear onto another slice of bread.

Melting caramel

STEP 5: Somehow squeeze caramel, toasted marshmallows, and chocolate (and peanut butter, if you’re feeling hungry) between 2 pieces of ciabatta, and set aside until dinner’s done.

Ciabatta caramel s'more, before grilling 2

STEP 6: Grill s’mores over a rack, flipping when the chocolate starts to melt.

Grilling s'mores

STEP 7: Open wide.

Open wide!

STEP 8: Admire handiwork.

Close-up on a ciabatta caramel s'more

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