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Hunger strike

I’m back from Chicago, and very excited about the prospect of eating normally again. It’s amazing what these conferences can do to a person’s appetite; vascillating between gorging on Thanksgiving-sized meals and declaring temporary self-starvation can’t be good for anyone. When I got off the plane in Seattle I was ready for a week-long hunger strike, but I soon found out my dog was doing it for me.

See, my husband took her backcountry skiing yesterday. All was well and good until he skied around a corner and into a random pack of 50 first-time mountaineers. He slammed on the brakes and the dog crashed into him, slicing one of her front legs on his ski’s edge, so their thrilling afternoon adventure was somewhat eclipsed by a five-hour visit/stitching project at the pet ER, this dog’s second ER trip since we moved to Seattle last fall.

And now (because of the painkillers?) she won’t eat, which, if you know her, is major drama – she’s always hungry. So we’re just feeling bad for her.

Injured Doggo

This morning I woke up sick, which is no big surprise. On slow weekend mornings my husband likes to make what we call Eggs Carlos, a tribute to how our Chilean friend from Woods Hole makes eggs. They’re the perfect compromise in that schizophrenic moment when you can’t decide between fried and scrambled (I think my husband likes them mostly because he’s a yolk breaker), and we believe diner waitresses everwhere would get a little thrill if they could offer their customers this option. We usually make them in a nonstick pan with a little olive oil and throw in some cheddar cheese at the end, but at IACP I picked up some avocado oil, which was new to me:

Avocado Oil

Neil, my new avocado oil buddy from the conference, tells me that it has a smoke point of around 500 degrees. That’s nice, but I don’t really care – I’ll never use it to fry because I can already tell I’m going to be quite stingy with it. It tastes like liquid avocado, which I sort of, um, expected, but it also leaves that same velvety vegetal mouthfeel an avocado has; it lingers like a great fatty kiss.

I’d seen avocado oil for sale at Shaw’s in Massachusetts, but I don’t think it’s available in Washington yet . . . look for it. I can tell it’s the beginning of a personal obsession.

Anyway, I did use it for the eggs this morning, first to grease the pan, then as a little drizzle for the toast I put them on.

Here’s how you make Eggs Carlos (Recipe 105 of 365):

1. Cook a few eggs in an (avocado-) oiled skillet, per usual.

Starting Eggs Carlos

2. Wait until the whites are mostly set, as above. Mess ’em all up with a spatula.

the fun part

3. Just when the yolks begin to set, add cheese of some sort (today my husband chose goat cheese, which was delicious). You want some of the yolky bits to remain a little gooey; the whole allure of cooking eggs this way is that you get a little yolky goodness in each bite.

Adding Goat cheese to Eggs Carlos

4. Pile them on toast, if you want.

Eggs Carlos on Toast

Thanks, Carlos!


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