A Reading Issue: Alinea

My first experience with molecular gastronomy was like so many of life’s great initiations: by definition, the first time can only happen once. Even before I got to Chicago, my anticipation was matched by a twin disappointment, a lurking acknowledgement that once I had experienced Alinea, I could never eat like a virgin again.

The difficult thing about Alinea is that for someone like me, someone who’s relatively used to judging food, it’s a little weird to be dropped into a situation where I can no longer tell whether something looks or smells or tastes right because I have nothing to compare it to. How am I supposed to know if a horseradish-infused cocoa butter ping pong ball has been well executed?

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Ping pong ball

Click here for my own slideshow, or here for Alinea’s online photo gallery.

Alinea on Urbanspoon


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7 responses to “A Reading Issue: Alinea

  1. GOOD LORD! I’m exhausted just reading that. Certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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