No news is good news

One of the major pitfalls of reading news on a regular basis (and hence the most self-absorbed advantage of not owning a television) is that it forces me to get all kafuffled about announcements I might have been happy to miss. I know, I know, no (wo)man is an island, and ignorance is actually pretty harmful. But there are some things I’d just prefer not to know about.

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an article announcing that Coca Cola Co. and Cargill, Inc. are teaming up to make a new version of Coke sweetened with a form of stevia, calling the new sweetener rebiana. Whether stevia is a great South American herbal supplement or a dangerous plant-derived chemical that causes liver damage and fertility issues in men is beside the point, I think. The real question is: why can’t we just get used to consuming less sugar?

As if Diet Coke Plus isn’t bad enough. Please.

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