And the nomination for Biggest Burrito goes to . . .

Gorditos burritos

I’ve lived here for almost 9 months, and it took me until yesterday to visit Gordito’s. (Shameful, I know.) Now, I’d heard the burritos were big, but didn’t realize my arms would get tired carrying a few of them home.

I used to pledge allegiance to Anna’s Taqueria in Boston (which has made it to Wikipedia, by the by). I do miss the Soup Nazi treatment there, because who doesn’t like being screamed at when you’re starving and just want some food? But really, Boston folks: have you ever left Anna’s thinking that despite the gastrointestinal shock, you could almost order another one?

Not an issue at Gordito’s. Rather than writhing in agony after eating the entire thing (which was my first instinct – where does it all go?), I followed my friend Katie’s experience-based example and cut my delicious fish burrito in half (which still yielded two more-than-sensible portions) and ate half last night and half just now. I rarely eat Mexican food without putting myself into a world of hurt, so going to bed pain-free was a big step.

But then, I thought, maybe I could get a third meal out of a burrito. This is America, right? Size matters.

Do you know of any Seattle burritos that are bigger?

For comparison, the second (smaller) half of my burrito weighed in at over 12 ounces, so I’m guessing the whole shebang was just shy of 2 pounds when I started.

Gordito's Healthy Mexican Food in Seattle



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4 responses to “And the nomination for Biggest Burrito goes to . . .

  1. Glad to hear you’ve finally made the Gordito’s trek! My husband was dared by a few friends to eat an entire burrito in one sitting, and he immediately regretted taking them up on it. We used to share a burrito, but now a bowl of posole and either a quesadilla or 1 taco is plenty for me. (I’m addicted to the warm salsa they serve with their chips!)

  2. Ooh, they have posole? Must try.

  3. We will definitely try this out; we are still looking for a worthy replacement for Carrburritos in Chapel Hill.

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