158: A Fat Vermonter

I think most New Englanders would agree it’s hard to go amiss with a Vermonter, that classic sandwich with layers of turkey, sharp Vermont cheddar, and thin-sliced apples. I typically make mine in a panini press, which tends to give whatever bread I’m trying to use up a new life.

Of course, the better the ingredients, the better the sandwich. I remember leaning over the counter at Noonie’s in Middlebury in college, overseeing the process of piling apples, cheese, and turkey together and microwaving them to make sure they didn’t cook the questionable deli meat to the point of exhaustion or melt the cheese so far that its oils began to ooze out of it. With the panini press, you get the great grilled flavor on the outside, and warm – but not hot – cheese, in the semi-melted state that lets its flavor shine best.

Growing up, before the Vermonter entered my life, I always coveted turkey and avocado sandwiches, the best of which is made (in my opinion) by Cobby’s in Boise.

So there we were, me and Lindsay, the skinny Vermonter, deciding whether to make Vermonters or use an adorably tiny avocado:

Baby avocado

Why not, I thought?

I sprayed the outsides of the rosemary bread with olive oil spray, loaded up the cheese (western orange cheddar this time), apple slices, turkey, and a little Dijon, and a few avocado slices, and pressed it.

Fat Vermonter

“Look,” I said to Lindsay. “A fat Vermonter.”


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  1. Oooooooooo, I miss Noonies!!!

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