Tito on location, part 3

After some very busy days, I have two profound observations: 1) mudlfats are big, and 2) Korean seafood is good.

The first was obvious during a 5 hour tour (on foot) of the field site. We walked straight out towards an ever receding horizon until the guide stopped and said, “Time to go back– water coming.” Standing in the middle of nowhere, someone asked how far we had gone, and he responed “about halfway.”

The second is a recurring theme, supported by the box lunches (essentially Korean Lunchables) provided by the hotel yesterday: rice, seaweed, baby octopi, pickled peppers, and egg-fried fish filets. Additional evidence includes the grilled marlin at dinner that night, served with a red onion slaw and not the least bit oily.

Both points may need further study.

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One response to “Tito on location, part 3

  1. Rachel H.

    Hi Tito,
    While you were exploring mudflats, I went to a reception where they read your name and we all clapped for you even though you weren’t there. You will be happy to know the appetizers were great and the seared tuna was cold in the middle.

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