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A deeper orange?

A note from our carrier

This note, from our newspaper person, this morning. It reads “See [address of house nearby] for a deeper orange?”

Yes, indeed, that’s the house that inspired us on the way to the hardware store.

I love this place.

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233: Flat Beans, Three Ways

Italian Flat Beans

Last week at the Wallingford market I found Italian flat beans, big, broad specimens whose flavor hovers somewhere between that of a regular green bean and a snow pea. They were almost as long as my bread knife (but still quite tender, they’re supposed to get this big):

That's one long bean

The farmer said she thought maybe people hadn’t been buying them because they didn’t know what to do with them. I bought a pound, which turned out to be enough for about eight people. But we’re only two people, so I’ve been making them all week, quite simply:

First I blended finely chopped garlic with olive oil, tossed the beans with the oil, sprinkled them with salt and pepper, and grilled them for about five minutes, turning occasionally:

Flat beans grilled with olive oil

Then I brushed them with the ginger-studded teriyaki sauce leftover from the summer wraps and roasted them, for about 10 minutes at 425 degrees:

Flat Beans with Soyaki

Finally, I chopped them up, boiled them until they were bright green (just a few minutes!), tossed them with a bit of butter, and showered them with Parmesan cheese:

Flat Beans with Butter and parmesan

If you find them, try them; they’re delicious.

Has anyone seen them in a supermarket?

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