Have you seen Cookthink? Genius. I entered ITALIAN and BACON and got Avocado with Bacon Vinaigrette. Um, yum, yes please.

I just hope they get the kinks out. I entered GINGER and POULTRY and CONSOLING and got Poached Soy-Ginger Salmon.

The weird thing was, even though it wasn’t  poultry, it was totally what I was going for.


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3 responses to “Cookthink

  1. Jess: Thanks so much for the post. We were thinking about having a “Quirky Search” contest, because we’ve had some really funny results. (Technically, we *could* have been thinking about “Chicken of the Sea”.) We are working on these quirks. The biggy is what you ran up against with POULTRY: categories vs. ingredients. We are close to having this done and should have categories searchable by the end of the week. In the meantime, give CHICKEN and GINGER and CONSOLING a try. We’re adding recipes every day, so that should help, too. Thanks again. Glad to know about hogwash and looking forward to reading more.

  2. Sami

    Wowsers, what a cool site – thanks fer the link, Jess.

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