That sneaky beast

Bromley's spatual

This, from my neighbor, via email, regarding our dog:

I came over to see you tonight and you had left. Saw B standing in the hallway with a spatula in her mouth. Got my key and went inside and she was sitting innocently on her dog bed – no spatula. Found some shredded saran on the floor and put it in the garbage. Not tattling, just wanted you to know in case you are missing something! V

So that’s what happened to the last piece of pie. Found the spatula nestled behind her dog bed. She hid all the evidence.



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2 responses to “That sneaky beast

  1. Noah

    Perhaps you need one of these for B —

    Funny stuff, but it might even be funnier to see what she gets up to when you’re not around…

  2. Yeah, Bromley would be big in Japan (well, at least taller than all the other dogs, maybe). Sheesh, imagine how freakish I’d be about my dog if I had one more dog-related gadget .. .

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