Emergency party food, or something to have around

I’m sorry, but my cookie vibe is getting weak. A chocolate-peppermint toffee bark is still somewhere in my brain, but after the thumbprints, I need to lay off the butter for a bit, I think.

Today: Easy.

Normally, around this time of year, I stuff sweet, spicy peppadews with an herbed goat cheese. The blend of the tart, tangy cheese with the pepper’s piquant flavor is great, but you gotta dry the things out first, which seems to take more effort than it should, then stuff them individually. . . I wanted the results, but I dreaded the process.

I opened my peppadew jar to find they’d installed a nifty new draining device:

Peppadew jar

Herego, now you just turn the jar upside-down in the sink to drain them.

Then, a miracle of an idea (Hanukkah must be close): I just dumped all the ingredients together to make a peppadew-goat cheese spread. I got so excited by the hot tangerine color of the mixture that I forgot all about the herbs, but it didn’t matter. Now we’re schmearing the stuff on everything from bell peppers to carrots to little whole wheat toasts. My husband ate it for breakfast.

Oh, and a word of caution: Despite your best efforts, the black lid to the peppadews will not fit on your camera as a lens cap.

toasts wtih peppadew-goat cheese spread

Recipe 333 of 365: Peppadew-Goat Cheese Spread

Whirl 8 ounces softened goat cheese, one drained 14-ounce jar peppadews, and a pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper together in a food processor until smooth. Serve immediately, as a dip for crudites, breadsticks, or crackers (it will still be soft and dippable), or chill until more firm, and spread on toasts or sandwiches.

Or, for the days when a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup from a can seems awfully complicated, try this:

Tomato soup garnished with toasts with peppadew-goat cheese spread



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2 responses to “Emergency party food, or something to have around

  1. Liz

    May I ask where you buy your Peppadews? I live in Canada and I can’t seem to find them here. However, I will be heading down that way in a couple of months and I really want to pick some up. Seeing them used in a number of recipes I’m excited to try them. Liz

  2. Liz – I usually buy them at Whole Foods Markets, but I’ve seen them at olive bars in other random grocery stores … good luck!

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