New things

Oh, just a list of things today, to get them out of my brain.

First, there’s a blog called Miel et Sel (Honey and Salt). It struck a familiar chord the moment I wandered over (not sure how). It appealed to the fancy side of my culinary proclivities (the one that’s almost extinct), cute little things like rock shrimp and scallop dumplings, cuddled together close. I read for days before realizing Miel et Sel is Lisa, my pixie-ish French-Filipino friend from culinary school. Lisa! I’ve missed you so.

You’ll also have to wander over to Eat & Tell, another newbie (as if I’ve been around so long) started by a hilarious Filipina Seattleite (what’s in the water in the Philippines these days?) with a penchant for bit parts and brawny meals (think shooting your own chicken).

Also, some light reading: Here’s a piece on quinoa that’s a must-see for those who haven’t been convinced to try it yet, something you might not have known about lentils, and a bit about Washington potatoes.

And in case you missed it at the Hugo House last fall, here’s a link to a new podcast of my reading at Talking With Your Mouth Full, from Leite’s Culinaria. Nothing quite so shocking as hearing a recording of your own voice.



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2 responses to “New things

  1. Roxanne

    What does Obama eat? Don’t you ever wonder? He’s so thin, looks so in shape. He can’t be spending much time working out. Maybe he does one of those “get yourself in shape in 15 minutes” programs. But he must eat on the healthy side. Or maybe he just picks when he goes to those $1,000 a plate dinners. Or was it $25,000? Hilary no doubt does more than pick and Bill is, shall we say, in kind of a pickle with his heart condition. He lost a bunch of weight after his surgery but looks like he is moving up the scale these days and hopefully he is mindful of his cholesterol and blood pressure. McCain is probably on doctors’ orders and do we even care what Romney and Huckabee eat? I wonder how much imported food ol G.W. eats.

    I do wonder. These people can choose anything they want, make their staff get them whatever they want. The president of the United States can set the trend, command whatever ingredients she wants at the table. So what do you think these folks would ask for? French foie de gras, Washington potatoes, or arugula sprinkled with olive oil from California?

  2. Food from Canada? Seriously, you know that coca cola makes soda without high fructose corn syrup for Canadians and WITH for Americans? Same for ketchup and a pile of other products; because it is such an awful ingredient it isn’t allowed in Canada… do you think the president imports his ketchup?

    Loved your reading:). Course, I got to see it in person:).

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