Keep up?

I drink a few types of tea made by Yogi Teas, which I normally love. The paper tags are printed with deeper thoughts, like

Life is a chance.
Love is infinity.
Grace is reality.


Recognize that
The other person
Is you.

But the tea bag I opened after I posted the other day looked like this:

Time to switch brands. Anyone have a favorite ginger or green tea?


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11 responses to “Keep up?

  1. At least it didn’t say “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”

  2. Benas

    Hmm… I got the same exact message when I tried Yogi tea for the first time at a friend’s house. It annoyed me enough to keep me buying looseleaf teas… 🙂

  3. KT

    I got the same tag! I thought it was hilarious that my husband’s tea had some sugary saying and mine was “keep up.” thanks – just what I needed to keep from feeling like a slacker!

    I’d say looseleaf teas are the way to go, as well. Do you guys have Allann Bros in Seattle? we like their looseleaf teas here in OR.

  4. My strategy is this. We all know how the yippies work, they take some esoterica from an adventurer of the world and spin it into a production. What’s the word these days…ummmm a “brand” They brand anything that was once cool and it somehow becomes this symbol of “I do the right thing and am intelligent beyond belief by drinking this certain beverage” You can do one of two things. 1. take a short cut and look for the little tag that was printed with soy ink on some kind of organic paper (what ever that means) and has a hand stitched pouch that holds mother nature herself. This will be a great tea. or 2. Go poke your nose in the worst smelling asian market you can find and tell the owner that you have been tired and your feet smell. They will prescribe the best blend of barley, perfectly oxidated tea leaf, goji berry heaven you will ever steep. Then market it and retire.

  5. I wonder if they meant keep up spiritually or emotionally or something, as in, “stay positive”? “Keep up” in the competitive sense just seems so weird and out of place for something supposedly yogic.

  6. KT – I’ll look for an Allann bros. next time I’m in Oregon!

    Erica – Ohh, #1 smacks of Mighty Leaf. Love it, hate paying for it. (But really, I do buy tea in shops sometimes and can somehow justify that, so I shouldn’t bicker over the price of a bag, right?) And w/ #2, I wonder what they’d give me if I say I have lupus?

    Melissa – Damn, you’re positive. But a great way of looking at it. Jim and I just assumed some tag-writer in a basement somewhere bonked and let his inner demon out.

    In any case, I think looseleaf is the only way to avoid it.

  7. Annie

    My favorite tea is Ginger Aid by Traditional Medicinals. My husband likes the Tazo teas a lot.

  8. Thanks, Annie – I’ve tried that one, and like it, too.

  9. I’m with Annie, I really like Traditional Medicinals – the ginger aid tea is great for my sometimes less-than-happy tummy, and they have many many other great blends.

  10. surfgal

    MightyLeaf (get it?) makes Ginger Twist and Green Tea Tropical, both delicious. Spendy, but once you decide you like one, buy the box of 100 bags (or loose) and you can save some cake. (I am always in favor of more cake!)

  11. Ooh, haven’t tried their Ginger Twist, but tend to love their teas in general – only prob is that I fainted once right after drinking the Green Tea Tropical, and ever since I’ve been wary . . . probably no connection, but it still freaks me out.

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