Stay Tuned

Hilary's cake

Oh, dear.

I almost forgot to tell you.

I’m taking a break this week.

We’ve had two visitors for the past few days – they came to Seattle to be part of a big surprise.

I’ll tell you about it, soon. But tomorrow, we have eight different friends coming, for a wedding. The reception is in the Space Needle. No joke.

And me? I’m not working. (Oh, that awful word. That’s me.)

At least, I’m going to try not to work. Or type, or worry, or even write down what I do with the three half-flats of fresh Northwest berries sitting on the counter.

I’m just going to be.

Here are a few bits to read, if you’re impatient – a piece on Ethan Stowell for Sunset, and somethings on chickpeas (with the most delicious recipe from Jerry Traunfeld) and on Mangalitsa pig, both from Seattle Metropolitan. The second issue of edibleSEATTLE is out, too.

Stay tuned, though. I’ll be back soon.

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