Three things, before three-oh

Here are three things you probably didn’t know about me:

cherry wood teepee

1. I woke up in a teepee yesterday.

Cherry Wood Apple turnover

2. I’m on a mission to find the best pre-made turnover crust, to mimic this apple gem I had the other day. Suggestions greatly appreciated.

Barrel from Wineglass Cellars

3. My home is about to turn into an experiment. This old cab barrel is slated to hold 60 gallons of beer in the very near future.

Cryptic? Sorry. I just internalized that I’m also turning thirty this week, and suddenly I’m not feeling very verbose. I’m not fretting about getting old – I got nowhere to be by any certain age. But darnit, I should probably feel something about it, right?

For more quirky bits, check out the silly questionnaire I answered recently for Cookthink, a great food site many of my recipes call their second home.

(And by the way: “Semi-homemade?” Not an evil concept. Just a not a pretty word.)



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7 responses to “Three things, before three-oh

  1. getting older is fantastic, actually! i turn 50 in november and it’s awesome. it’s ok to be less verbose, and to feel neutral about it. 30 used to mean a particular thing, a kind of landmark, but aging is really different these days. i always laugh when people say 50 is the new 30…because it’s only 50-year olds who say that. happy early birthday!

  2. Beth

    Honestly, I didn’t feel a thing. And you can continue to enjoy the fact that no one will believe you when you tell them your age. Should you choose to do so…! 😀

  3. JudyK

    I agree with the women above…I turned 50 in February and it’s not too bad! At 30 I really started to feel like my own woman, an adult! Woohoo! Have a great B-day, and the teepee looks fun! Can you share the location?

  4. Bree

    “If heaven exists, what do you hope they have on the menu?

    Correct spelling.”

    THIS, my dear, explains exactly why we’re friends. Among other reasons. And I actually think that semi-homemade is not just a terrible word, but a terrible concept, as well (Rachel Ray? Ahem.) Happy almost-birthday!

  5. SAWII

    I think Sandra Lee has turned ‘semi-homemade’ into something terrible. But I think my mom (and the other good cooks of her generation) do awesome things with ‘semi-homemade’.

  6. Stephan

    My father says you begin to feel your age when your kids turn 50…

    Sorry Dad but I’ll soon be 60…

  7. Jeff C

    30 was no big deal. I have found body maintenance gets to be a bit more work as you close in on 40 and you don’t recover from over indulgences quite as quickly but other than that, eh. Age is a number, attitude is what counts.

    As for semi-homemade Sandra Less is dreadful but unless you are Amish or something similar, I think we are all doing semi homemade. It is just a matter of degrees. My fridge and cupboards are not filled with mason jars and sacks of raw ingredients.

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