My garden, on the radio

Hey, oh, did you hear? I was on the radio today, on Seattle’s NPR station, talking about that harvest I’ve been telling you about, and what I’ll do differently in next year’s garden. Click here to hear the spot (it’s somewhere around 34 minutes into the show, in a segment called Cooking Klatch).

No garden grows in perfectly pint-sized packages, you know. This year, I did well with carrots, onions, and beets, and to a lesser extent, with peas. My neighbor coddles about 50 tomato plants, too, so I benefit by association – but with each vegetable, it tends to be all or nothing. My fennel bolted. My peppers are trying, and possibly failing, but I’m not ready to wave the white flag. Those leeks that did so well last year? They’ve been as big around as kitchen string for three months straight. But snails? Oh, yes, I can grow snails. Quite well. I feed them fresh kale and chard.

I suspect you have the same problem. I can’t tell you much about gardening, but I can help with recipes for the windfall, should you find yourself with an overwhelming counterful of something fresh and wonderful. Check out my new summer produce recipes page to the right. It is by no means an exhaustive list (I haven’t even touched peppers or zucchini yet), but hopefully it will help those that have asked.

You’ve listened. Now it’s my turn:

What’s overwhelming your vegetable basket right now?



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6 responses to “My garden, on the radio

  1. Noah

    Great to hear you on the radio yesterday! I happened to be in the car at that time, and was thinking to myself “boy, this lady sure sounds excited about her carrots”, and then bam! it hit me that it was you! Too funny.

    btw, we have waaay too many long string beans over here… and a ton of green tomatoes (that should be red…)

  2. Tonya

    I am new to your blog after hearing you on the radio yesterday. I enjoyed your pure and simple passion for the simple flavor of foods. I have not been a fan of beets, I also grew them to see them in their purest form- directly plucked from my very own garden- while I enjoy beets in my carrot, apple ginger juice, I have not grown to love them- but after hearing you I will roast some and give them a try again.
    I am without a pea-patch right now but my container garden is overflowing with basil….. I have frozen many batches of pesto as well as ice cubes of basil to add to red sauces!

  3. Chris

    Great interview, Deb caught it the other day and I’m listening to it now.

    We (the boys and I) plant about every variety of cherry tomato we can in the spring, and we usually have lots in the summer (this year a little late due to the cooler weather) . I ignore them and they usually do well. Artichokes also do great in the NW (my brother has some nice ones growing this year).

    PS – Beets are one of my favorite veggie on earth, and my mom makes great beets.

  4. kim

    I did hear and my mouth was watering all the way home. Came over to read more and find some recipes 😉


  5. Thanks for listening! String beans and basil and cherry tomatoes: Duly noted. Chris, you’re one lucky guy to have an artichoke dealer. . .

  6. dinnerwithjulie

    Nothing. I manged to coax a small basketful of cherry tomatoes to life, and one zucchini the size of a gherkin. My chard has all been consumed – mostly with garlicky roasted chick peas.

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