Two years

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No recipe today, just a quick hello.

For our refrigerator, the last few weeks have been awfully strange. First we were away. A few days after we got back, I got sick – only it was a beast of a thing. It wiped me out for days on end, so it’s probably more accurate to say I fell ill. It felt like falling in so many ways. I didn’t eat a proper meal for 6 days, until a lovely soul brought me homemade matzo ball soup at just the right time. I lost 11 pounds. I had trouble walking far, and thinking straight, and the part of me that’s me just wasn’t there. Then, as soon as it had come, it left.

When I was up again, it was suddenly Graham’s 2nd birthday, and the refrigerator was taken over by this cake. Yes, I made it, with cream cheese frosting and wheels made out of Thin Mints. The design wasn’t exactly my idea; it was Betty’s. (She’s so creative, that one!) I’ve never spent so much time making something so ridiculous, and I loved it. So did Graham.

I have a pot of pasta e fagioli on the stove this cloudy Sunday morning, simmering the age out of the kale and carrots and celery and leeks that have hibernated in the produce drawer through all of this, neglected but patient. And now, I have a fridge full of possibilities. Tonight there will be cari ga, a Vietnamese-style chicken curry stew with Kabocha squash and rice noodles, for the book. Tomorrow there will be an apple crisp, and possibly Thanksgiving in April, because what else is April 11th good for if not roasting a bird? There might be whole wheat cinnamon pull-apart bread, and roasted tomatoes, and the ultimate vinaigrette – not together, of course, but all there.

But this morning, there’s just the simmering.



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7 responses to “Two years

  1. Happy Birthday Graham! Wow, 2. Hats off to you for creating that cake. I understand the time involved but I just know that your sweet little boy appreciated every sugary detail.
    So glad you are well once again.

  2. annie

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your little guy! I hope you’re doing better after your bout of whatever. I don’t know if it’s the change of weather or just autoimmune dysfuntion, but I am also going through a mild dose of something nasty. I know your little guy must have been so excited to see his cake in the shape of a firetruck.

  3. Happy birthday Graham! Wow – can’t believe he’s already two and Peter and I still can’t wait to meet him! What a cutie! AND the cake is beautiful!! AND so excited about your cookbook – loved the cover! You are such an inspiration! : )
    Happy Sunday!

  4. beth

    Gangbustas cake! Lotta love in that fire engine xx

  5. Happy birthday to Graham! (And to you too – it is as much an accomplishment for the parents as well as the kid.) Love the thin mint wheels on the truck.

    My youngest just turned two and I totally took the easy route out this year and just made simple devils food cupcakes with butter cream icing and sprinkles. And I am feeling rather ill myself right now – matzo ball soup sound so good – I just might go home and make that for dinner.

  6. Only good thing about being sick is that you feel so good about being just plain well afterwards. Cheers!

  7. Beautiful post! Glad to hear you are feeling better!

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