My Market

Last week, I was prowling the Pike Place Market’s sidewalks with my husband and sister. Out of nowhere, Jim tugged up a memory of being a kid in Maine, reading Tom Robbins. The book’s characters were teenagers, skipping school to sit at the Market in the rain, floating little paper boats down the steep gutters lining Western Avenue. We’d just been at World Spice, buying New Bay, their freshly-ground version of the Old, and there on Western, he seemed to be putting today’s Market together with his own Market, the one created in his brain in Maine in 1993, or whenever it was.

I looked at him like he was nuts, of course. Doesn’t everyone connect the Market with food first? (Answer: No.)

The thing is, when it comes to the Pike Place Market, everyone has their own memories. That’s part of what makes the Market so magical.

Over the course of this month, friends and bloggers will be sharing their own Market memories–why they went there, what they tasted, and how they brought the Market home. Join us by sharing a short Pike Place Market memory below, or blog about it, and paste the link below (or notify me at @onfoodandlife).

Oh, and that up there? That’s my Market, as of last week. Looks pretty tasty, doesn’t it?



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3 responses to “My Market

  1. Love the whole thing. Won’t this book be big? I hereby predict it will be big hit and big seller. Maybe it already is!

  2. Michaela

    My first memory of the Market is the pound of chocolate covered Bings and Macadamias that I carried back to RI that I DIDN’T ever eat… because the world’s squirreliest dog ate them first. That just gave me more of a reason to go back.

  3. My mother and I would make a pilgrimage to World Spice every year when visiting my grandmother in Tacoma. It was such a special trip, and wonderfully tasty excuse to spend quality mommy-daughter time together. I cherish that Market Spice tea, and the market itself, for the magic it seems to have.

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