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Due out September 26th from Sasquatch Books! Events listings to come.



No events scheduled at this time.

New York Times review: “In a book so intimate — Thomson’s family, friends and husband are all in here — she needs to walk a very thin line, and she does it gracefully. She’s honest about people and their prickly selves. She doesn’t cover for them, but neither is she mean. Of course, things don’t go as planned. We all know what happens to the list you make at the start of the year. But if everything had gone according to plan, Thomson’s book would be as straightforward as her original list. The twists and turns are what makes it — that and a solid recipe for fried chicken.” –Max Watman, The New York Times, April 12, 2017


A Boat, a Whale, and a Walrus

For tour locations and dates, visit Renee Erickson’s website.

Lovely praise:

Saveur Magazine’s Fall Books Worth Buying
8 Fall 2014 Cookbooks from Bon Appétit‘s Favorite Chefs
“Lush Life,” in City Arts Magazine
Ten Reasons Portland Monthly Loves A Boat, a Whale, and a Walrus
“Required Reading” from
“Renee Erickson’s New (Unsurprisingly) Charming Cookbook” from Seattle Weekly


Passionate Nutrition

No events scheduled at this time.


No events scheduled at this time.

A few kind words:

“It’s a culinary journey through some of Washington’s signature restaurants, providing 150+ accessible home recipes that give you a taste of our state’s best ingredients and personalities.” – The Seattle Times

Seattle Met‘s 2012 cookbook roundup
Great New Cookbooks from Local Authors (The Seattle Times)
Author Plates Evergreen State in Dishing Up Washington (The Issaquah Press)
Seattle Met calls me a “local kick-ass at large”
Meet the Author of Locally-Focused Cookbook in Everett (The Everett Herald)
Leslie Kelly gives my shellfish class with Ethan Stowell a shout in Seattle Magazine


No events scheduled at this time.

Lovely mentions:

Pike Place Market Recipes was nominated for an IACP award! Stay tuned . . .

ME! Cooking with Margaret Larson on KING5’s New Day Northwest
Review from The Kitchn
Pike Place Market Recipes featured in Seattle Magazine
An olfactory tour of the Pike Place Market, from Edible Seattle
Becky Selengut’s review of Pike Place Market Recipes, and a guide to pronunciation
Local cookbook review from Fork Dork
Pike Place Market Memories on Dana Treat
Monica Bhide’s Life of Spice blog on Pike Place Market Recipes (and how I uses spices)
Review on
GastroGnome’s book review
CakeSpy’s heart-shaped honey-cream biscuits, inspired by the book
And this post by Gluten-Free Girl. This, people, is why I write recipes. If a recipe meanders its way into inspiration (fennel syrup!), I consider it a success.
5 Second Rule’s holiday cookbook list


No events scheduled at this time.

5 responses to “Books and Events

  1. Karen Bradshaw

    Enjoyed your piece on the saffron grower. It was wonderful– colorful and so interesting, especially in this day of agribusiness…miss the “old” days.

  2. Barbarainnc

    Just ordered the Top Pot Cookbook and a doughnut cutter!!! Can’t wait for them to come in so I can play!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Pingback: Back in April

  4. Hi Jess we would like you to join us at WOMEN STARS OF FOOD & WINE- February 9th —for signings on your cookbook!
    This is a fundraiser for Womens Funding Alliance.

    Tosh Remchuk – Sommelier – 206-305-8812

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