November Reading, Surfing, Cooking, Watching

Surfing a fake wave in Hawaii

If you’re interested, I have a piece on Dry Soda in this month’s Sunset magazine, something on celery root in Seattle Metropolitan, and an article on Tacoma’s food scene in Seattle magazine. To my knowledge, none of these are available online (boo hoo!), but I’ll work on adding them to my website, which needs an update anyway. And I’m gearing up to taste an awful lot of frozen yogurt this weekend.

Where I’m spending my time when the words won’t come, or when I need insipiration:

Road Remedies lets me travel vicariously through Amanda, who goes everywhere. (I had to consult a map to find Micronesia.) She’s a good eater, too.

Visit Eating Seattle for an updated roster of what’s new in Seattle’s restaurant scene.

Italian Woman at the Table peeks in on food from just about every corner of the world (but she’s got Idaho roots also).

Pat’s still working on The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook, and sharing the recipes she meets along the way.

And my winemaker friend Melanie has just launched the website for her new label, Cinder Wines. Based on what I tasted last spring, I can’t wait for her 2008 releases.

Recipes cut out and floating around my desk:

a ginger cake make with flaxseed meal and wheat germ

slow-cooker cheesecake!

-Molly’s Vinegar-Roasted Shallots

Turkey bahn mi

interesting pumpkin soup

And if you’re the type that’s inspired by the likes of Super Size Me and The Inconvenient Truth, check out the trailer for King Corn. Coming to Seattle November 16th.

Also, Talking With Your Mouth Full is almost. . .full!

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  1. Hi Jess,
    Thanks for the shoutout. Sorry it took me so long to come back again. You always have something yumming happening.

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